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Giovanna is a HealthTech entrepreneur, inventor, writer, bon vivant, mother of two grown-up daughters. She was thrilled recently to become both a New Wife and a Nonna.  She was born in Hove (actually) and after attending Mayfield School for Girls, learned how to be a top-flight PA in Cambridge, achieving practical and pragmatic qualifications that have served her well throughout her entrepreneurial career.

2016GScootArriving in London (1983) to forge a sparkling secretarial career she decided to add some strings to her bow and embarked on a number of evening classes at the City Lit.

Dreams of founding a lingerie emporium took her onto a retail course. Fantasies of marrying the next Arthur Miller led to two terms of play writing instruction.

But it was the freelance journalism class that really captured her imagination. Ms Forte’s first piece appeared in the top monthly glossy Over 21, in December 1985.

The secretarial career blossomed into roles within PR and marketing but Giovanna became self-employed in 1990 so she could work from home when FirstBorn arrived. By the time Youngest-of-All came along two years later, the business had grown.

From modernist architecture to luxury vodka, Soho-based Forte Communication conceived and managed long term sales-led PR strategy for clients, much of which involved the written word, published in professional and consumer magazines. In 1998, she authored a series of monthly interior design features for a London lifestyle magazine, the name of which is lost in the mists of time …

As her successful PR career blossomed, Giovanna’s GP brother Dr Vincent Forte designed a nifty medical device to deliver accurate urine samples to diagnose and treat women’s Urinary Tract Infection promptly, with the right antibiotic. Untreated UTI is the biggest problem the NHS doesn’t know it has but because it is largely a women’s issue …. well, let’s not go there now. When he asked Giovanna to assist, she did; the communication business was closed down … and Forte Medical was born, making Peezy Midstream in the UK now exporting to the USA – and is growing exponentially. New urine collection devices are being licenced to tackle the early diagnoses of a variety of cancers, STIs and help with menopause management.

The Goddesses
FirstBorn (The Tornado) is mother of baby Nino, born in 2021. She graduated from Liverpool with a First in History and Hispanic Studies (distinction in spoken Spanish and Basque), has lived and written from Mexico, Georgia, Istanbul and Myanmar with travel tales pulbished on The Culture Trip. FirstBorn is now not only a new mother but also the finest East London based, fully qualified and registered Aromatherapy and Massage practitioner. amaromatherapy.com

Youngest-of-All (The Exocet) is a highly accomplished patisserie chef with her own acclaimed business Monforte Viennoiserie in Carlton North, Melbourne. Having trained with restaurateur Mark Hix, she spent six months creating desserts at the Albion and Boundary before moving to the famously boutique East London patisserie Violet. In Melbourne, she worked with Michelin-Starred Chef Boris Portnoy, at his unique Northcote patisserie All Are Welcome before launching Monforte in 2020. She is one of the Top 30 under 30 Chefs in the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2022. What more can I say?

3 Responses to About

  1. nathalie Pham says:

    Great post about Mexico
    Love to Exocet, Tornado and their mother Vulcano


  2. Tina Oregan says:

    Hi Giovanna,

    Great site!

    Just seen you on a post on fb by Jacquie Gilliat

    Tina Aldred

    Liked by 1 person

    • fortewinks says:

      Hello Tina – how lovely to hear from you! Thank you for liking my site – am limbering up to do another this week … sometimes there’s a long gap …. then they come along like buses! Hope all is well with you. Gx


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