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A secretary at 19 and self employed at 26, Giovanna has evolved from PA to PR and now a British healthcare entrepreneur. She is also a bon vivant and mother of two clever and accomplished daughters. Youngest-of-All is a talented Patisserie Chef, founder of MonForte Viennoiserie, Melbourne's finest destination for pastries both savoury and sweet. FirstBorn is a self-employed Aromatherapy Practitioner, a published author and documentary journalist who lives closer to home in East London.

Ghosts on a Wire: a play about light and power

By Linda Wilkinson at the Union Theatre, Southwark, 21 Sep – 8 Oct 2022 Ghosts on a Wire charts the activity and acceptance of a bright new force: electricity. This power is founded on a site that requires the devastation … Continue reading

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Au pair tales: the good, the bad and the …

How did you do it all, Mum? This question is posed more frequently now by my thirty-something progeny as one balances a business with motherhood, the other a thriving Patisserie that entails long, long hours. When I became a mother in … Continue reading

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Henry VIII … and the start of a Very Exciting Adventure

I begin this Blog with Happy News: BB having featured regularly in my tales over the last ten years has become HH: the Handsome Husband. Our East London wedding celebrations in June saw us tie the knot at Hackney Town … Continue reading

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Pier to Peer: a tale of two weekends

In June this year our planned stay at Breedon Hall luxury B&B in Derbyshire fell victim to Covid; the host’s son had tested positive. Long-lost friends Charles and Charlotte were forced to cancel a full hotel – far worse for … Continue reading

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Soho: an Ab Fab Memoire

We’ll be near Soho said a business colleague. Where can we meet for coffee? Reader, there is only one place for coffee in the streets of Soho: Bar Bruno. Meeting over, I wandered my former stamping ground and behind the … Continue reading

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In memory of lost friends: funny, clever, kind … and usually badly behaved.

The last 12 months have been melancholy with the loss of a dear friend, one whom I celebrate here. In so doing, it is timely to remember others who passed away in years gone by, but of whom I have … Continue reading

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Pledge to an NHS Pay Rise: C.A Halpin takes art into the Surgery … and onto the Street with a Kickstarter Campaign

“Over the past year, NHS staff have worked tirelessly to cope with the challenge of the Covid19 global pandemic,” says artist C.A Halpin. “We the public have marched, we have clapped, we’ve cried, we’ve mourned, we have all been humbled by the … Continue reading

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My mother makes me: a child’s letter to her working mother.

When we lost our home in the 1990 recession my plan to be a stay-at-home Mum was necessarily shelved; with a one-month old quite literally under my arm, I launched my first business, so that I could craft a career … Continue reading

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Costa del Wick: meadows, marshes and meanders.

A hen party nailed it. Enforced listening to fifteen twenty-something women singing Bohemian Rhapsody at un-rhapsodic volume just fifty yards from our bedroom was not making us happy; the fifth rendition at 5am broke our will to live … there. … Continue reading

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In praise of A Certain Age

“Not too bad for an Old Bird?” my question to BB was rhetorical: I felt fabulous. Older, better? Not quite better, but different – fabulous is allowed. The necessary mindshift for women of a certain age has to be in … Continue reading

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