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I am a travelling female CEO: fly me.

I write from a noisy LA Airport Departures Lounge Bar; the muzak is ok, my Lady Bar Attendants funny, witty, sassy. They seem to like entertaining a female barfly; the flirtations of my lascivious male neighbour elicited polite tolerance and … Continue reading

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Female health and routine jiggery-pokery

I feel a caption competition coming on. Framed by my open thighs, the two women’s faces looked up and laughed. This check-up Down There was another reminder that internal female furniture requires all manner of routine maintenance to keeps things … Continue reading

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Diaries: soulmates, dates and derring-do.

“I need the dates of all the countries I have visited since 2005,” said The Exocet from Australia. “Could you please try and remember when and where we went on holidays and trips away?” Of course my darling; I have … Continue reading

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Giving out the Gongs: a prize day at school.

They say everything comes to those that wait. A Prize never came my way at school but then I didn’t expect it to. I was diligent only in my enjoyment of life itself; the academic benefits of attending one of … Continue reading

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First impressions: the prêt à porter (re)collection

The black lace skirt with flesh tinted lining, a pale yellow silk blouse, one richly floral Chinese dress and a pair of black suede heels. These represent a handful of perfect pieces that hold memories, some momentary others momentous but … Continue reading

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Moving out, moving in: one street and a grand new chapter

“October,” he said. “I’ll need the house back for my daughter.” My landlord sounded vaguely apologetic but businesslike on the phone. I had been his tenant for nearly seven years, moving in a hurry to escape with my daughters from … Continue reading

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The fine art of fashion retail or “we do that one in red”

Frock shopping is not a loved pastime: browsing is anathema. If I need something new to wear, I work out what it is and where to find it. The “where” is important because I am a fan of the independent … Continue reading

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